Voice SMS Services

Sandesha, with the help of its Voice Messaging solutions, helps you take your brand voice directly to billions of people, without the drag of having to call each number and speak personally into the phone.

With Voice Messaging service, one can broadcast & schedule call tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people at once with important information.

Our voice messaging service allows you to digitally record your message In multiple language and send it out to a list of phone numbers via telephone. You can send your message through thousands of channels and deliver it to the phone numbers on your calling list. This service allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages; to select and deliver voice information; and to process transactions relating to individuals, organizations, products and services, using a telephone.

Our Global Voice Connect Platform enable you to deliver you both promotional and transactional call to any working mobile number across the globe. With simple easy and single API the OTP voice call can delivered to the termination number hassle free and promptly.

Voice Broadcast

Overcome language and literacy barriers with localized and customized content, in a language your audience understands and relates to.

Call Bridging

Ensure confidentiality and security of customers while patching calls between multiple parties without compromising the actual numbers and an additional authentication mechanism (PIN) for privacy.

Missed Call

Address the cost-conscious audience with the ubiquitous Missed Call solution. Provide Call-to-Action option with the highest engagement rate for the dominantly pre-paid mobile user population of India.


Allow your customers to connect with you through any channel, especially when your customer is lost on your website or e-mailers or mobile apps.

Voting and Polling

Allow your customers to express an opinion or take a decision with the pre-call notification (PCN) or missed call based product that lets your customers participate and register their votes at zero cost.

Hosted IVRs

Interactive telephony system on hosted centralized IVRs platform. Enable customized or pre-defined IVRs solutions over Inbound or Outbound calling on 10-digit Virtual number or Toll-Free number TFN.

OTP – One Time Password

Control the risk of online scams through instant One Time Password authentication mechanism. Apply Phone/User verification in cases where text / email verification is not feasible (feature phones, regional languages).